Our House is a nonprofit for families faced with homelessness. Their new brand supports a range of services.

Our House provides early childhood education, emergency shelter, and career training to help families overcome homelessness. After merging with another organization, their new brand needed to clearly communicate the services they offer. I redesigned the logo to include a roof and a writing utensil—together they form a house. These elements speak to Our House’s two core programs: shelter and education. The roof and writing utensil can also be seen as arrows, reflecting the organization’s mission to lift families up and out of homelessness.

The identity needed to be easy for the Our House staff to use and flexible enough to work well on a gala invitation or in a child’s classroom. A suite of icons forms the core of the brand and highlights each of their programs. I also authored their new tagline, “Shelter to live. Education to thrive.” which helps reinforce their newly combined services. 

I led our team in creating the visual identity, messaging, promotional materials, and the design of their new website. To bring the brand to life, we worked in collaboration with the Our House board and staff as well as outside marketing and development partners.  

Associate Creative Director
    Brand Identity

    Ryan Nix Glenn
    Michael DiCristina
    Graham Robson

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